Fujiyama Engine GasketsĀ was established in 2001 we design, manufacture, and assemble high quality gaskets mainly for automotive utilization. Our current manufacturing line produces various gaskets for engine cylinders, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil pans/crankcases, pipe and turbo gaskets, and other various gasket kits for engine overhauling operations.

We are proud to be the first in the Philippines to be able to manufacture these products for our consumer needs. Also, we have achieved export quality in our manufacture. This claim has been so proven by our recent export shipments to neighboring countries like China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We further aim to fully develop our product line, and in the near future, export our products not just to Asia and other third world countries, but also to continental giants.

Our manufacturing process flow integrates conventional machining and design concepts with the globally improving techniques of automation. This enables us to be fully equipped for our demands.

As we continue with our ideals to match OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) standards, yet be competitive in the price market, we aim to only to manufacture products of good quality, buy the best quality. We hope to surpass the accustomed standards of the industry and achieve new levels of reliability and durability in our products.