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Engine Mounting Rear

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Company Profile

Our company, ADLC Rubber Products, was established in 1997. We distribute high quality engine mountings and rubber products.  We also used modern facilities and technologies into our finish goods, in which we guaranteed the best quality.  Thus, we also use first class raw materials to upgrade our product quality and outlook.


For the past few years, we became one of the top local rubber product manufacturers here in thePhilippines. Today, we take pride in manufacturing and marketing top quality replacement parts not only in thePhilippines, but also to other Asian countries likeTaiwan,Korea,Chinaand others.


Our main line of business is manufacturing rubber products like engine mountings, rubber cushions, rubber bushings, etc. for truck applications, mostly for Japanese trucks…


We of course, know that the original parts have excellent quality, but it also has a high price. Our company, ADLC Rubber Products, has a motto of “Quality Comes First”. And this is our main objective, to make affordable replacement parts which are of high quality standard for the after-market.  We have a vision, a vision to ALWAYS manufacture top quality replacements parts at a very competitive price and we will continuously aim to improve our products both in technological and organizational aspects.